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i had an amazing experience

I feel great. Again bruising is fading, congestion is decreasing, and started to feel the splint is not tight as before. But I think it is still early for me to do too much or walk outside. I cooked a meal yesterday, and I noticed little pressure and bleeding from movement. Overall, there is an improvement on a daily basis. My daily medications include prednisolone, arnica, Vit C, antibiotic…


I got my nose crooked in an accident. Much Needed a Nose Job

I got my nose crooked in an accident. At the time of accident general surgeon performed the surgery but my nose was not looking good at all. So i decided to get it redone by a trained Cosmetic or a plastic surgeon. I found Dr. Kashyap over internet and visited his clinic and found his services very good. I booked my surgery over there. I got the surgery date after 2 days of my consultation…


Best Surgeon in Town. Dr Ajaya Kashyap

I got the Best Surgeon in Town that’s none other then Dr Ajaya Kashyap.He Got the best skills and knowledge according to me. I got Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery) done by him. And the results and quality of work he do is just simply amazing. Never met a humble person like him and his entire staff is always very helpful.Thanku so much doctor for changing my life and obviously my looks.


Now I love my nose!

I feel shy when I used to going somewhere with my ugly nose. Then the surgery ultimately the last option left for me, I searched on the internet for best rhinoplasty surgeon and I found Dr. Kashyap is the only surgeon in india who is most recommended surgeon and the reviews were fantastic, so I went their clinic and get my surgery done from Dr. Kashyap. Now, I have nose like all other normal…