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Fantastic result.

It has been 3 month since I had my surgery and I can not think any nagative point about any part of my experience. I am highly satisfied with my experience because of my breasts look amazing. I gain my confidence back.


i had an amazing experience

My breast is not develop properly. i am very upset for this problem. i consultant many doctor. but i am not confident then i meet dr. ajaya kashyap in clinic. he is describe surgery and then i choose my surgery date and m ☺after 3 day’s of surgery thank you so much.


Augmentation, very positive experience

I’m super-happy with Dr Kashyap and his team who were wonderful in pre-consults, the procedure went very well, they were great with follow-up, and i’m extremely happy with my result. I had zero bruising when my bandages came off four days after the procedure, and am, every day, as i heal, happier with how the procedure is shaping up. Very professional, and i’d unreservedly recommend them to…


Great results!

A very positive experience at Dr Ajaya Kashyap’s clinic. I had a breast augmentation done. The results have been more than expected. Great job! Highly recommended.if any one wants to go on for a procedure Dr Ajay a is the one.



Dr. Ajaya kashyap is very experienced and knowledgeable. He explained all surgery details very clear. I’m very happy to come and meet Dr. Kashyap and done my breast augmentation surgery. Know I am happy. Thank you Dr. Kashyap


I am very happy with my reasult

I am extremely happy i have choosen Dr. Ajaya Kashyap for my breast augmentation, i would not have had it any other way. Dr. Ajaya Kashyap is very straight forward and wouldn’t perform any procedure that is dangerous just to make his money. His staff is phenomenal! Never hesitate to ask question, that’s what Dr. Kbshyap and his staff is for, and they are very knowledgeable. I am highly satisfied with my reasults and recommend him to all of my friends and family.


Had an amazing experience with Dr. Kashyap, Med Spa New Delhi

Hello ladies, I had a Breast Augmentation procedure done on the 21st September 2017 and today I am six weeks post op. Details: 300 CC Cohesive gel implants, sub facial, incision below the crease I have waited to cross the six week mark before writing the review as I made sure that proper healing had happened and you must know that I am a bit paranoid 🙂 This is a review cum blog for girls looking for a Breast augmentation in Delhi and I m available for further queries if required. I am writing this because breast augmentation procedure still carries a taboo or shame at least in this part of the world. Also, when I planned my surgery and started online research, I found hundreds of BA stories from other countries (US/ Aus/ Europe) but none or very few from India. It’s not like BA is not popular in India. It’s because girls who get it done are not very open about it. I could have done a tutorial alone but I would also like to write a strong recommendation for Dr. Kashyap because I really want to tell you and assure you girls that you will be in safe hands the moment u decide to enrol for the procedure. Also, I know that there are thousands of girls like me who have waited years and years to get their breasts augmented and are not sure whom to trust. First thing first. Why did i choose Dr. Kashyap? I was very careful with choosing my surgeon. After I had done my research about doctors, I tried to contact a few surgeons in Delhi. They didn’t sound convincing and experienced enough and their certifications were missing. At times, they would ask awkward questions or too many details about my identity. It made me feel very uncomfortable! One doctor seemed good over phone but the moment I saw his clinic, I freaked out as it looked like a cheap pet clinic. The walls were depressing and made me feel very cold. I left without meeting the doctor! I ended up at Dr. Kashyap’s clinic by chance and believe me, it was such a soothing experience as the ambiance of the clinic has a huge role to play on your Psyche.The place is very comforting and you don’t get that scary hospital feeling at all. To me, that was really important because I was already freaking out about going under the knife. The nurses and other staff members are very warm and made me feel very comfortable. I finally met Dr. Kashyap and he took a lot of time to answer all my questions and explained the procedure. My cold feet disappeared and I immediately decided that he is going to be my PS. He sounded very confident and assuring and in no way did he try to hide any information regarding the procedure. He is very skilled and has a lot of experience. He has practised in the US for a number of years. He uses the most latest and modern surgical techniques and his work is very neat. The charges are nominal and totally worth it. Although, you will find surgeons doing the procedure at 2/3rd the price but girls please be aware that THEY ARE CHEAP for a reason. Never ever trust such clinics! The best thing is that he’s American Board certified and that definitely makes an impact. I haven’t met any certified surgeon in Delhi at least! I am glad and I feel lucky to have chosen him as my PS because my surgery went unexpectedly smooth and I had no complications at all. It was literally painless. I am extremely happy with the results although I am only six weeks post op. My implants have softened and evened out so much. You too should be very careful while choosing your PS because your results can greatly vary when the same procedure is carried out by an inefficient surgeon. BA is a very safe procedure and the only disadvantage is if the patient is not happy with the results. So why take a chance? My story and experience with MedSpa and Dr. Kashyap: Why did I go for implants? I did it for myself! I have always loved trying on new clothes and doing experiments with my looks. The only thing that made me feel incomplete was my breasts were UNDERDEVELOPED. Yes! I am not saying they were small. They were asymmetric, under developed and tubular in shape. It was more of a deformity. My goal was to achieve a proportionate look and I didn’t want bigger breasts. My PS totally understood my goals and he has definitely met my expectations. They totally fit my frame and I look superb in my old dresses 🙂 The only complications that I had was some difficulty passing urine one day after surgery, some bloating and water retention which is normal to happen after any surgery involving Anaesthesia and resolves in a few days. I being a little paranoid started freaking out but Dr. Kashyap was there to answer my calls and queries even after his work hours. I am sharing my Pictures so u will get an idea of what an amazing thing BA procedure is and also, what a fabulous job my PS , Dr. Kashyap has done. My breasts have the right volume now and the asymmetry has been fixed to great extent. The photos are at 4 weeks post op , now they have dropped and fluffed further. Will add some recent pictures as well. Please feel free to ask further questions about the procedure!


Very Good experience

I had a very good experience with my breast. They are knowledgeable and assing you to one person who answers all your questions and keep in contact throughout the whole process and after. This is my first major operation and I am definitely glad to choose for my another surgery here.